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Featured Communications, Media + Entertainment Use Cases by Entrada
food stand

Ordering Optimization

Concession stands and other vendors at large entertainment complexes have a big data challenge on their hands, that can result in not enough product or high volumes of waste. Entrada’s Ordering Optimization accelerator helps entertainment complexes understand and predict their event attendance, attendee purchasing behavior, and ultimately suggest how many supplies to order.


Personalized Advertisements

Media companies are always looking to ensure their advertisements are making big impressions on their target audience, and we are now experienced an increased trend in personalizing advertisements as much as possible. Entrada’s Personalized Advertisements accelerator analyzes massive datasets including demographics, buying behavior and more to predict and suggest what advertisements to run at certain times of day, days of the week, during which scheduled program, in which zip codes, and more.

cell tower

Network Maintenance

Communications companies own or lease very expensive equipment and to ensure they achieve the highest possible value from the equipment, performance monitoring and predictive maintenance is key. Entrada’s Network Maintenance accelerator uses telemetry to analyze signal, bandwidth, traffic, latency, and other datasets to understand the performance of the asset, which allows AI and ML to identify and diagnose potential issues before they have impact to customers, ensuring high service quality.

Why Entrada for Communications, Media + Entertainment

By partnering with Entrada, you can scale your in-house team with the right capabilities to establish a strong foundation for future success on Databricks.



Entrada brings Communications, Media, and Entertainment industry + Databricks experts who understand the underlying data + relevant use cases to modernize your business. We ensure foundational success with your data lakehouse to unlock future innovation such as AI/ML.


Flexible Teams

Entrada’s certified experts in the US, EMEA, and LATAM provide turnkey access to deliver data modernization outcomes. We provide our clients with access to our experts through a myriad of commercial structures, ensuring the team meets your business needs and budget.


Quick Starts

From personalized omni-channel recommendations to content streaming analysis, Entrada has built and leverages a catalog of quick starts and accelerators for commonly implemented use cases to help you jump start your Databricks investment.


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