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Featured Retail + Consumer Goods Use Cases by Entrada

Trade Promotion Management (TPx)

Optimizing promotions for your goods is complex and has a number of variables that contribute to the efficacy of a promotional campaign. For effective trade promotion management, high data volumes from internal and external sources are analyzed for all stages of the TPx lifecycle. Entrada has developed a quick start with our partner, CPGVision to enable the following:

  • Predictive promotion planning with external data sources such as AccuWeather
  • Monitor real-time in-stock availability to meet demand
  • Analyze promotion efficacy and optimize ROI

supply chain

Supply Chain Optimization

Many retailers manage a large number of suppliers and vendors, which means analyzing high volumes of data to negotiate bulk discounts, predict supply and demand, achieve optimal delivery schedules, and more. Optimizing components of the supply chain can be complex and costly. Entrada has developed a quick start to enable the following:

  • Analyze product cost data by supplier, product type, and more to negotiate contracts
  • Predict supply and demand for ordering and delivery
  • Optimize delivery schedules and maintain inventory levels

point of sale

POS Analytics

Retailers acquire millions of datapoints everyday from their transactions which are critical to understanding current performance and making optimization decisions. Having real-time access and the ability to action point-of-sale data is imperative to success in the retail industry. Entrada has developed a quick start to enable the following:

  • Collect real-time point-of-sale data at scale
  • Monitor and optimize in store inventory to meet demand
  • Analyze transactions to achieve fine-grained 360 customer view

Why Entrada for Retail + Consumer Goods

By partnering with Entrada, you can scale your in-house team with the right capabilities to establish a strong foundation for future success on Databricks.



Entrada brings Retail and Consumer Goods industry + Databricks experts who understand the underlying data + relevant use cases to modernize your business. We ensure foundational success with your data lakehouse to unlock future innovation such as AI/ML.


Flexible Teams

Entrada’s certified experts in the US, EMEA, and LATAM provide turnkey access to deliver data modernization outcomes. We provide our clients with access to our experts through a myriad of commercial structures, ensuring the team meets your business needs and budget.


Quick Starts

From multi-touch attribution to optimized order picking, Entrada has built and leverages a catalog of quick starts and accelerators for commonly implemented use cases to help you jump start your Databricks investment.


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