Simplified Data Platform Migrations

The starting point of a customers modern data journey is to retire legacy data technologies and to to unleash the power of limitless, data-driven insights with the Databricks Lakehouse.

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Entrada’s Approach

One of our primary areas of focus is helping customers migrate + simplify their existing data platform capabilities onto the Databricks Lakehouse. We leverage our experience, proven methodology, and automation tools to ensure a rapid migration experience.



Our team has the technical + industry expertise required to deliver success on your data platform migrations. Bringing certified Databricks resources with the right understanding of your legacy technologies to jump-start migrations.

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Migration Framework

Bespoke migrations add time and costs to customers. We bring accelerators across multiple legacy technologies to accelerate migrations while reducing customer risk + investment.

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Proven Methodology

We bring a proven methodology to help our customers expedite their migrations, while also ensuring the right oversight, testing, and ongoing support to


Accelerated migrations to Databricks leveraging a proven Methodology

Within the data-driven evolution, we are not just adapting to change; we are leading it.

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Every enterprise is unique, so is their data. Our migration strategy is bespoke to your data, however we leverage industry knowledge + automation to provide acceleration factors. Leveraging a proven migration framework that has been the bedrock of successful migrations.

We have extensive knowledge from having dealt with virtually all common legacy database types. This provides a competitive edge in understanding the subtle nuances of each system.

Our vast experience has provided us with invaluable insights into the potential challenges of migrating diverse data components to the cloud.

We don’t just react; we anticipate. Leverage our expertise to foresee common migration hurdles and overcome them efficiently.

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Expertise Matters

Realizing the efficiencies in a modern data platform like Databricks requires more than technical expertise. We approach these customer journeys with a combination of industry expertise plus a measured focus on business outcomes. Driving cost reductions, environment simplification, and fully adopting the cloud platforms in your enterprise. Ultimately the success of a migration is measured on the ability to do more with data that has been captive in inflexible legacy platforms.

We bring a different approach to the migration journey, driving modern foundational data capabilities that result in a competitive advantage for your organization.

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Modernizing Legacy Data Platforms with Databricks

Data Modernizations

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