Artificial Intelligence

Take your data to the next level of maturity with AI capabilities.

From foundational AI + ML to GenAI, Entrada helps guide customers through the rapidly changing landscape accelerating Data + AI value.

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Artificial Intelligence

Entrada’s Approach

Entrada assists clients in navigating the swiftly evolving landscape to enhance the value of Data and AI democratizing access to the right data for decision making.

deep learning

Machine Learning

Rapidly reach the featuring engineering stage of your data journey to achieve advanced analytics and predictive capabilities from your ML models.

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Unlock the power of your data; over 73% of enterprise data goes unused. We deliver the capabilities to empower decision makers to move at the rapid pace of their business.


Generative AI

Harness the power of your entire enterprise data set and go beyond with external data sources and fine-tuned models which offer more control of your data and advanced insights.


A Structured Approach to Your AI Journey

In embracing the AI-driven evolution, we are not just adapting to change; we are leading it.

AIMaturity Model

The beginning your Generative AI journey starts long before building your first model. Adopting a modern data stack and building foundational governance with business ready data is paramount to the success of your AI initiatives.

The journey to AI capabilities can be intimidating and complex for many organizations. Entrada provides a simplified path to your first AI use case. We leverage a GenAI playbook that guides our customers through initial adoption all the way through complex tailored AI solutions.

Leveraging the native capabilities of the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform allows you to begin developing prompts with your data for immediate business consumption.

Paired with external data + 3rd Party Marketplace data sources, the value of these prompts can be significantly enhanced through RAG.

For more advanced use cases, models can be entirely fine tuned and trained to provide complete control of your data.

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Entrada’s Sample AI Powered Use Cases
credit cards

Customer Analysis

Each customer interaction holds valuable insight into knowing your customer, but there are endless touchpoints and channels, each with numerous data points, to analyze before you can understand your customer habits and create a tailored experience. Entrada has developed a quick start to enable the following:

  • 360 customer view and personas to better understand your customers
  • Recommend new products and cross-sell opportunities
  • Determine customer attrition probability and suggest steps to retain

customer support

Rapid Customer Service

Technology based organizations have huge volumes of inbound support inquiries every day, from many different channels, and client’s expect rapid and accurate responses. Entrada’s Customer Service accelerator helps companies organize and analyze common queries from all channels, automate responses to ensure rapid response times, and enable service representatives to quickly find knowledge articles to respond to live customer queries.


Predictive Maintenance

Maximizing utility and lowering maintenance costs are two main drivers for leveraging predictive maintenance solutions – whether it be for machinery used in a factory or for vehicles on the road. Entrada has developed a quick start that enables the following:

  • Analyze component usage data and historical maintenance procedures and costs
  • Predict product output and remaining life, including multi-scenario modeling such as weather conditions
  • Determine optimal operating conditions, maximum outputs, and maintenance schedule

Entrada’s AI + Data Maturity Assessment

Entrada brings industry experts and technology specialists to understand your current data + AI adoption level, and takes a data-driven approach to developing a roadmap to advance your business.

Entrada’s Rapid GenAI Solution

From ideation to production, Entrada leverages the power of the Databricks platform to rapidly deliver GenAI models to advance your business.


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