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Explore the vast potential of biomedical informatics, patient data analytics, and advanced research methodologies with our sophisticated health and life sciences data services, driving your operations towards groundbreaking discoveries and unparalleled innovation in patient care and life science exploration.

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Featured Healthcare + Life Sciences Use Cases by Entrada

Patient 360

Improving patient outcomes starts with obtaining a holistic view of a patient, which is challenging to do with endless sources of data available to providers. Entrada’s Patient 360 accelerator helps providers efficiently understand the patient by connecting all sources of patient information to one source of truth, then leveraging AI and ML to understand disease risk, increase patient engagement, and more.

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Drug Discovery

Leveraging high volumes of data is nothing new to pharmaceutical research, but leveraging big data tools and data science enables more efficient and accurate drug discovery and development. Entrada’s Drug Discovery accelerator first helps pharmaceutical companies identify new target drugs by analyzing genomic, metabolic, and proteomic datasets. Next, Entrada’s accelerator leverages predictive modeling to determine potential interactions before efficiently planning and organizing clinical trials.

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Disease Prediction

With the trend personalized and precise health on the rise, providers must leverage high volumes of data to better understand their patient disease risk, indictions, contraindictions, and more. Entrada’s Disease Prediction accelerator helps providers analyze the patient’s full medical record and history, then compares the patient data to clinical and demographic data sets to identify the risk profile of the patient developing a particular disease.

Why Entrada for Healthcare + Life Sciences

By partnering with Entrada, you can scale your in-house team with the right capabilities to establish a strong foundation for future success on Databricks.



Entrada brings Healthcare and Life Sciences industry + Databricks experts who understand the underlying data + relevant use cases to modernize your business. We ensure foundational success with your data lakehouse to unlock future innovation such as AI/ML.


Flexible Teams

Entrada’s certified experts in the US, EMEA, and LATAM provide turnkey access to deliver data modernization outcomes. We provide our clients with access to our experts through a myriad of commercial structures, ensuring the team meets your business needs and budget.


Quick Starts

From R&D to disease risk predictions, Entrada has built and leverages a catalog of quick starts and accelerators for commonly implemented use cases to help you jump start your Databricks investment.


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