Data Engineering

The right expertise to drive your Databricks data engineering initiatives.

De-risk your data engineering projects with Databricks + Industry expertise to guide your initiatives.

Full Stack Databricks Data Engineering Expertise

Entrada’s Approach

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Top Data Engineering Talent

Finding certified + accredited data engineering resources can be challenging. We provide flexible models to engage the right resources for your data initiatives.


Data Architecture

Getting the right data architecture right ensures the long term success of your data + AI initiatives. We take a future looking approach to data architecture.


Data Pipelines + Ingestion

Ensuring efficiency with streaming + batch data pipelines is critical as organizations scale up their ETL + ELT pipelines.

Entrada’s Race to the Lakehouse Solution

Leave legacy data platforms behind and embrace innovative data initiatives with Entrada’s Race to the Lakehouse solution.

Entrada accelerates customer implementations of Databricks with an 8 week Race to the Lakehouse solution.

Entrada’s Modern Data Connectivity Solution

Entrada frictionlessly connects organizations to the world of third-party data.


Millions of users worldwide trust Entrada

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