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Featured Technology + Digital Native Use Cases by Entrada
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Personalized User Experience

Building a data lakehouse as your source of truth is part one of curating a personalized experience for every user. Entrada’s personalized user experience accelerator starts with the lakehouse, then helps organizations analyze large volumes of customer behavior and demographic data to make personalized recommendations and customized interfaces.

cyber security


Leveraging big data tools is a critical element in constant improvement of an organizations cybersecurity. Entrada’s cybersecurity solution enables advanced threat detection by analyzing large data sets to identify anomalies and constant monitoring. Once a threat is identified, the solution then notifies appropriate parties and responds to the incident by understanding the impact and scope, then suggesting the most efficient resolution.

customer support

Rapid Customer Service

Technology based organizations have huge volumes of inbound support inquiries every day, from many different channels, and client’s expect rapid and accurate responses. Entrada’s Customer Service accelerator helps companies organize and analyze common queries from all channels, automate responses to ensure rapid response times, and enable service representatives to quickly find knowledge articles to respond to live customer queries.

Why Entrada for Technology + Digital Natives

By partnering with Entrada, you can scale your in-house team with the right capabilities to establish a strong foundation for future success on Databricks.



Entrada brings Technology and Digital Native industry + Databricks experts who understand the underlying data + relevant use cases to modernize your business. We ensure foundational success with your data lakehouse to unlock future innovation such as AI/ML.


Flexible Teams

Entrada’s certified experts in the US, EMEA, and LATAM provide turnkey access to deliver data modernization outcomes. We provide our clients with access to our experts through a myriad of commercial structures, ensuring the team meets your business needs and budget.


Quick Starts

From customer churn prediction to performance analytics, Entrada has built and leverages a catalog of quick starts and accelerators for commonly implemented use cases to help you jump start your Databricks investment.


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