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A Sampling of Entrada’s Use Cases

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Single Family Mortgage

Single family mortgage groups manage a high volume of transactions and required access to an even higher volume of internal and third party data to evaluate loan risk and determine appropriate value. Entrada has developed a quick start with our partners at Databricks and a myriad of third party data providers, such as CoreLogic and AccuWeather, to enable the following:

  • Gain self-service, real-time access to your third party data providers datasets
  • Automate risk scoring and pricing calculators for every evaluated transaction
  • Automate loan decisioning


Anti-Money Laundering

All businesses are adapting to the digital age, including illicit businesses that are using advances in technology to launder illegally acquired money and avoid detection. In addition, strict regulations with heavy fines and prison time require you to assist in the detection and prevention of money laundering schemes. Entrada has developed a quick start to enable the following:

  • Identify high risk entities based on known schemes
  • Flag common tactics to monitor going forward
  • Report identified schemes to maintain compliance

credit cards

Customer Analysis

Each customer transaction holds valuable insight into your customer, but there are billions of transactions, each with numerous data points, to analyze before you can understand your customer habits and create a tailored experience. Entrada has developed a quick start to enable the following:

  • 360 customer view and personas to better understand your customers
  • Recommend new products and cross-sell opportunities
  • Detect and action abnormal spending that may indicate fraudulent activity


Patient 360

Improving patient outcomes starts with obtaining a holistic view of a patient, which is challenging to do with endless sources of data available to providers. Entrada’s Patient 360 accelerator helps providers efficiently understand the patient by connecting all sources of patient information to one source of truth, then leveraging AI and ML to understand disease risk, increase patient engagement, and more.

medical research

Drug Discovery

Leveraging high volumes of data is nothing new to pharmaceutical research, but leveraging big data tools and data science enables more efficient and accurate drug discovery and development. Entrada’s Drug Discovery accelerator first helps pharmaceutical companies identify new target drugs by analyzing genomic, metabolic, and proteomic datasets. Next, Entrada’s accelerator leverages predictive modeling to determine potential interactions before efficiently planning and organizing clinical trials.

heart disease

Disease Prediction

With the trend personalized and precise health on the rise, providers must leverage high volumes of data to better understand their patient disease risk, indictions, contraindictions, and more. Entrada’s Disease Prediction accelerator helps providers analyze the patient’s full medical record and history, then compares the patient data to clinical and demographic data sets to identify the risk profile of the patient developing a particular disease.

food stand

Ordering Optimization

Concession stands and other vendors at large entertainment complexes have a big data challenge on their hands, that can result in not enough product or high volumes of waste. Entrada’s Ordering Optimization accelerator helps entertainment complexes understand and predict their event attendance, attendee purchasing behavior, and ultimately suggest how many supplies to order.


Personalized Advertisements

Media companies are always looking to ensure their advertisements are making big impressions on their target audience, and we are now experienced an increased trend in personalizing advertisements as much as possible. Entrada’s Personalized Advertisements accelerator analyzes massive datasets including demographics, buying behavior and more to predict and suggest what advertisements to run at certain times of day, days of the week, during which scheduled program, in which zip codes, and more.

cell tower

Network Maintenance

Communications companies own or lease very expensive equipment and to ensure they achieve the highest possible value from the equipment, performance monitoring and predictive maintenance is key. Entrada’s Network Maintenance accelerator uses telemetry to analyze signal, bandwidth, traffic, latency, and other datasets to understand the performance of the asset, which allows AI and ML to identify and diagnose potential issues before they have impact to customers, ensuring high service quality.


Trade Promotion Management (TPx)

Optimizing promotions for your goods is complex and has a number of variables that contribute to the efficacy of a promotional campaign. For effective trade promotion management, high data volumes from internal and external sources are analyzed for all stages of the TPx lifecycle. Entrada has developed a quick start with our partner, CPGVision to enable the following:

  • Predictive promotion planning with external data sources such as AccuWeather
  • Monitor real-time in-stock availability to meet demand
  • Analyze promotion efficacy and optimize ROI

supply chain

Supply Chain Optimization

Many retailers manage a large number of suppliers and vendors, which means analyzing high volumes of data to negotiate bulk discounts, predict supply and demand, achieve optimal delivery schedules, and more. Optimizing components of the supply chain can be complex and costly. Entrada has developed a quick start to enable the following:

  • Analyze product cost data by supplier, product type, and more to negotiate contracts
  • Predict supply and demand for ordering and delivery
  • Optimize delivery schedules and maintain inventory levels

point of sale

POS Analytics

Retailers acquire millions of datapoints everyday from their transactions which are critical to understanding current performance and making optimization decisions. Having real-time access and the ability to action point-of-sale data is imperative to success in the retail industry. Entrada has developed a quick start to enable the following:

  • Collect real-time point-of-sale data at scale
  • Monitor and optimize in store inventory to meet demand
  • Analyze transactions to achieve fine-grained 360 customer view


Predictive Maintenance

Maximizing utility and lowering maintenance costs are two main drivers for leveraging predictive maintenance solutions – whether it be for machinery used in a factory or for vehicles on the road. Entrada has developed a quick start that enables the following:

  • Analyze component usage data and historical maintenance procedures and costs
  • Predict product output and remaining life, including multi-scenario modeling such as weather conditions
  • Determine optimal operating conditions, maximum outputs, and maintenance schedule

supply chain management

Optimized Distribution

Delivering good across the globe is highly complex and expensive. Adding to the complexity and expense are a myriad of factors including weather conditions, geo-political conflict, the cost of oil, and more. Determining the optimal route and schedule of good distribution relies on many data sources and complex analysis. Entrada has developed a quick start to enable the following:

  • Supply and demand predictions
  • External forces risk assessments and impacts, such as weather
  • Determine optimal distribution route and schedule to maximize efficiency and reduce costs

internet of things


Leveraging telemetry as part of your organization has seemingly unlimited potential. From analyzing vehicle performance to electric grids and everything in between, telemetry helps improve operational efficiency and reduce manual intervention. Entrada has developed a quick start to enable the following:

  • Collect and monitor data in real-time from sensors and transmitters located around the world
  • Eliminate manual data collection efforts and reduce operational costs
  • Analyze real-time data and automate decision making to improve operational performance

set up

Personalized User Experiences

Building a data lakehouse as your source of truth is part one of curating a personalized experience for every user. Entrada’s personalized user experience accelerator starts with the lakehouse, then helps organizations analyze large volumes of customer behavior and demographic data to make personalized recommendations and customized interfaces.

cyber security


Leveraging big data tools is a critical element in constant improvement of an organizations cybersecurity. Entrada’s cybersecurity solution enables advanced threat detection by analyzing large data sets to identify anomalies and constant monitoring. Once a threat is identified, the solution then notifies appropriate parties and responds to the incident by understanding the impact and scope, then suggesting the most efficient resolution.

customer support

Rapid Customer Service

Technology based organizations have huge volumes of inbound support inquiries every day, from many different channels, and client’s expect rapid and accurate responses. Entrada’s Customer Service accelerator helps companies organize and analyze common queries from all channels, automate responses to ensure rapid response times, and enable service representatives to quickly find knowledge articles to respond to live customer queries.


Transportation Optimization

With an ever-increasing population, public and private transportation means are becoming increasingly stressed. With the advancement of technology, there are also more options for means of transportation. Entrada’s Transportation Optimization solution helps organizations looking to optimize roadways and improve public transportation by deploying AI and ML solutions that analyze large volumes of data then make recommendations to reduce congestion, improve flow of people and traffic, increase safety, and suggest other means of transportation.


Urban Planning

With the advancement of technology, people expect available public services to embrace modernization initiatives and the development of smart cities. Entrada’s Urban Planning solution helps organizations optimize utilities, waste management, energy, infrastructure, and more with advanced data analysis and data science tools.



Educators and administrative staff are increasingly burdened with paperwork and menial tasks that are ripe for automation, so they can focus on what they do best – educating their students. Entrada’s Education solution identified tasks within schools and universities that are good targets for automation, and then leverages AI and ML tools to automate them, freeing up staff time for higher value activities.

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