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Databricks AI

The Future of AI + Data: Databricks Ventures Strategic Investment in Entrada

Learn how Databricks Ventures’ decision to invest in Entrada underscores the recognition of Entrada’s potential to revolutionize AI + Data capabilities.

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Understanding Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)

Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) is all the rage in the world of AI, as it’s a powerful technology that improves large language models (LLMs) prediction quality.

Organizations have been applying RAG in innovative ways to enhance user interaction and operational efficiency, but what are the benefits, how does DBRX compare, and how does RAG integrate with GenAI?

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Power BI

Power BI Implementations

In the realm of data engineering, the seamless integration of robust data processing platforms with powerful business intelligence tools is paramount.

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big data platforms

The History of Big Data Platforms

Here at Entrada, we have bet our company on Databricks, and our customers have chosen to use Databricks as their modern data platform. There are many reasons for this, some unique to each client, and many shared across them. Databricks is an easy platform to quickly gain business value from, and skilled expertise can support utilizing it to its fullest extent. This is the mission of Entrada – to maximize the value organizations get out of Databricks.

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Entrada x Databricks Ventures

Entrada Secures Strategic Investment from Databricks Ventures to Scale AI + Data Capabilities

Entrada, a leading Databricks consulting and implementation services firm, received a strategic investment from Databricks Ventures to help scale the firm’s next leg of growth. Entrada’s focus in the Databricks ecosystem is accelerating time to value with industry focused Data + AI solutions.

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Driving the Right Data Governance Strategy

Data governance has emerged as a critical component in the realm of data management. As organizations realize the potential value of data as a strategic asset, it’s becoming evident that governing this data efficiently is of paramount importance.

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The New Era of Finance: Generative AI Takes Center Stage

There is a significant opportunity to leverage Generative AI for Financial Services Use Cases. We summarize some of the potential areas customers can benefit from these capabilities to capitalize on one of your organizations largest assets – your data.

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Envisioning the Future: Data + AI Summit 2023 Reflections

Databricks 2023 Data + AI Summit brought a wealth of new announcements + capabilities to harness the value in customer data, here’s our re-cap from the event.

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Group 391

Databricks Partner Entrada Names David Denton as Chief Revenue Officer

Databricks Partner Entrada adds Recognized Services Leader to its Executive Team

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Entrada Names Carley Donovan as Chief Operating Officer

Databricks Partner Entrada adds Recognized Services Leader to its Executive Team

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