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Harness the unparalleled power of financial analytics, risk management, customer insights, and more with our sophisticated data solutions for financial services organizations, driving your operations towards groundbreaking efficiency and market-leading innovation.

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Featured Financial Services Use Cases by Entrada

Single Family Mortgage

Single family mortgage groups manage a high volume of transactions and required access to an even higher volume of internal and third party data to evaluate loan risk and determine appropriate value. Entrada has developed a quick start with our partners at Databricks and a myriad of third party data providers, such as CoreLogic and AccuWeather, to enable the following:

  • Gain self-service, real-time access to your third party data providers datasets
  • Automate risk scoring and pricing calculators for every evaluated transaction
  • Automate loan decisioning


Anti-Money Laundering

All businesses are adapting to the digital age, including illicit businesses that are using advances in technology to launder illegally acquired money and avoid detection. In addition, strict regulations with heavy fines and prison time require you to assist in the detection and prevention of money laundering schemes. Entrada has developed a quick start to enable the following:

  • Identify high risk entities based on known schemes
  • Flag common tactics to monitor going forward
  • Report identified schemes to maintain compliance

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Customer Analysis

Each customer transaction holds valuable insight into your customer, but there are billions of transactions, each with numerous data points, to analyze before you can understand your customer habits and create a tailored experience. Entrada has developed a quick start to enable the following:

  • 360 customer view and personas to better understand your customers
  • Recommend new products and cross-sell opportunities
  • Detect and action abnormal spending that may indicate fraudulent activity

Why Entrada for Financial Services

By partnering with Entrada, you can scale your in-house team with the right capabilities to establish a strong foundation for future success on Databricks.



Entrada brings Financial Services industry + Databricks experts who understand the underlying data + relevant use cases to modernize your business. We ensure foundational success with your data lakehouse to unlock future innovation such as AI/ML.


Flexible Teams

Entrada’s certified experts in the US, EMEA, and LATAM provide turnkey access to deliver data modernization outcomes. We provide our clients with access to our experts through a myriad of commercial structures, ensuring the team meets your business needs and budget.


Quick Starts

From anti-money laundering to customer lifetime value, Entrada has built and leverages a catalog of quick starts and accelerators for commonly implemented use cases to help you jump start your Databricks investment.


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