SAN FRANCISCO, March 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Entrada, a leading Databricks consulting and implementation services firm, received a strategic investment from Databricks Ventures to help scale the firm’s next leg of growth. Entrada’s focus in the Databricks ecosystem is accelerating time to value with industry focused Data + AI solutions.

“We are thrilled to expand our Databricks partnership with its strategic investment in Entrada. Entrada’s service innovations allow customers to rapidly achieve the benefits of Databricks technology. Our mission is to simplify the customer journey of adopting AI and modern data technologies, paired with Industry expertise, we aim to help customers move faster,” explained Trey Roldan, CEO of Entrada.

“Databricks-focused consulting and implementation partners are critical to the growth of the Databricks ecosystem. The Entrada team is industry veterans and Entrada has stood out with their focus on industry expertise and global delivery as a boutique partner. We are thrilled to expand our partnership with this strategic investment and look forward to helping our customers accelerate their AI goals,” said Kori O’Brien, SVP of Partnerships at Databricks.

The investment comes shortly after Entrada released a series of solutions designed to guide customers from the initial stages of their Databricks implementation through adopting advanced capabilities, such as Generative AI. Entrada’s “AI + Data Maturity Assessment” delivers a tailored evaluation and aligns with industry-leading practices, offering actionable insights into current data + AI capabilities. Realizing the value of the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform is accelerated with Entrada’s “Race to the Lakehouse” solution, allowing customers to leverage the platform in eight weeks. Consumption of third party data for advanced analytics and AI and data monetization is enabled by Entrada’s “Modern Data Connectivity” solution. To explore how Entrada can elevate your organization’s AI journey, visit and initiate your AI readiness assessment today.

About Entrada

Entrada is a Databricks-focused consulting and implementation partner backed by Databricks Ventures. Entrada harnesses the power of Databricks to help customers accelerate their AI + data initiatives. Our expertise in AI/ML, Databricks, and analytics is centered around industry-centric solutions. Our mission is to simplify complex data + AI challenges and support end-to-end transformations, delivering future-ready solutions fast. Learn more at

About Databricks Ventures

Databricks Ventures is the strategic investment arm of Databricks, the Data and AI company. Databricks Ventures invests in innovative companies that align with our view of the future for data, analytics and AI. We are investing in companies that are committed to extending the lakehouse ecosystem or using the lakehouse architecture to create the next generation of AI-powered companies.

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